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My point of view


This is a free web application on this site. The main purpose is to calculate what you can gain from solar on your property !!!

Post from 02 November 2023

Solar panels prices are going down

This is a short analysis of the solar panel price change in the first half of 2023. Inverters are still at a high price, but solar panel prices are going down.

Post from 13 July 2023

Digital Democracy

Democracy in this form is obsolete and should be reengineered

Post from: 14 Novembar 2019

Project : The speed copy reductor

A project of reductor that copies desired speed to the encoder -Absolute encoder

Post from 12 Decembar 2020


A triumph modesty and persistance

Ding Liren - new chess champion :a triumph of modsty and persistance

Post from 02 May 2023

Ding Lire

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