Mechanical cone calculation

How to determine or choose a cone

Cones are often used in mechanical engineering, most often in machine tools, power transmissions, clamping assemblies, bearings, etc. This quick calculator easily determines the slope of the cone or, based on the given slope, determines the diameters of the entrance openings on each side and the thickness. Sometimes it is necessary to determine which type of cone is in a machine part.

Please select 4 main parameters
  • Diameter of the smaller circle of the cone d
  • Diameter of the biger circle of the cone s
  • Plate thicknes B
  • Cone according to the recommendations -const. α

Parameters to be measured for the mechanical cone

Warning If you do not know which cone is on a machine part, fill in the first three fields: d, d1, B (see picture above)
OR make choice from cone standard
If you select a cone type, one of the above parameters must be unknown (the field must be empty). If this condition is not completed, the thickness of the material will not be taken into account
1: 50 -> Conical pipe thread
1: 30 -> Drills and reamers
1: 19.212 -> Morse komus 0
1: 20.047 -> Morse Cone 1
1: 20.020 -> Morse Cone 2
1: 19.922 -> Morse Cone 3
1: 19.254 -> Morse Cone 4
1: 19.002 -> Morse Cone 5
1: 19.180 -> Morse Cone 6
1: 20 -> Metric cone Tool spindles, fine conical thread
1: 15 -> Ship's propeller heads
1: 12 -> Tapered roller bearings !, sanding hammer lever cones
1: 10 -> Bolts, parts loaded longitudinally and transversely to bending and torsion
1: 6 -> faucets, cross head bolts, locomotives, forgings
1: 5 -> wear couplings easily detachable load parts transverse to torsion
1: 4 -> Machine tools, conical thread in deep drilling technique in mining
1: 3 -> Crosshead of marine machinery, compressed air tools
1: 0.866 -> Centered countersunk screws, rivets,
1: 0.5 -> Valve cones, countersunk wood screws, countersunk rivets
1: 0.259 -> Protective bevel of centered screws
1: 0.134 -> Countersunk Rivets,

 pvc:  3418 

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