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Advetising by banners

Site advertizing

Advertising on my private site is allowed and desirable

The portal is a private site, but advertising on it is a completely legitimate option.
You can place an ad for your business in terms of banners. Advertising via Google Adds is also possible, but it is impossible to remove banners from the page.
Banners are of standard dimensions and consist of a mapped image that provides links to:

An example :
baner primer
All banners are the equal height and width: 728 px x 90 px. The number of banners is limited to 3 per page so as not to burden the visibility of the same.

Price list

The price refers to one

Signing an electronic contract and payment

Placing an advertising banner on the site means filling in the data. After reciving image for banner. you will receive feedback - a contract with all the details of your advertising.
Enter basic company information and upload an image or logo
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